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 MadCatZ New MW2 Gear

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PostSubject: MadCatZ New MW2 Gear   Thu Dec 31, 2009 2:07 am

New Mad CatZ Modern Warfare Controller with remapping capability's.

For 50$ Mad Catz makes a controller that has many functions that many people won't realize or don't care for.

What are these new features that beg for your money?

- Wired Controller, meaning no batteries and no disconnects mid fire-fight. Cord is also wrapped in a Nylon weave, much nicer than Microsoft rubber.
- Lighter triggers, equals less translation between thinking of firing and firing. Faster shots with a lighter trigger pull as well.
- Cool green neon thumbsticks!
- Nice rubber grippy grips!

>> The small re-mapping buttons on the back work like this... One is set to the Left Thumbstick, A button, and B button. and the second is set to the Right Thumbstick, X button, and Y button. >> If you have the second switch set to 'X' for example: Whenever you press the small push button on the back of the handgrip, It will register the X button being pressed, and so forth. And this function works for any game you own.

Overall the controller is awkward to hold, and takes getting used to. Due to the re-mapping functions on the back; The bumpers are in very odd places. And can seem rather obnoxious to press at times. But I myself Noticed a remarkable improvement in my sniping with the touchier trigger response, giving much cleaner and crisper shooting than Microsoft controllers. I don't believe this Third-party wired controller is worth $50 bucks right from the get-go. But I definitely recommend it if you have money to burn and want a controller that will improve your Firing response times.

--- Raven
+>> GT: Raven 089

- P.S. If you stop in the Gameyard and happen to catch my loud ass in there feel free to take a peak at this controller.

Mad Catz Modern Warfare 2 Throat Mic
This Headset is $30 brand new. And what does it do? good thing for you guys I own one.

- This Mic completely eliminates breathing into it. Because the microphone is directly pressed against your throat.
- The ear bud fits snug into your ear, but blocks out a fair bit of noise, and if you turn it up louder than necessary it gets a static buzz, but you can avoid it.
- You look like you should be in a Delta Force movie

For $10 more than the standard headset?... ... i'd take the Mad Catz Throat mic any day.
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PostSubject: Re: MadCatZ New MW2 Gear   Fri Jan 01, 2010 4:16 pm

Nice review. I saw the controller and mic the last time Raven was in here and they look pretty cool.

AJ, for taking the time to type that out I'll give you a free hour the next time you come in. Don't be a stranger.
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MadCatZ New MW2 Gear
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